Lab Director

Jason Tangen

Postdoctoral Fellow

Matthew Thompson

Lab Manager

Wen Wu

PhD Students

Rachel Searston
Ruben Laukkonen
Gianni Ribeiro


Bruce Comber » Forensic and Data Centres, Australian Federal Police
Bettina Cornwell » Lundquist College of Business, University of Oregon
Itiel Dror » Cognitive Consultants International & University College London
Gary Edmond » Law, University of New South Wales
Kevin Eva » Centre for Health Education Scholarship, The University of British Columbia
Philip Grove » School of Psychology, The University of Queensland
Sam Hannah » College of Arts and Science, University of Saskatchewan
Michael Humphreys » School of Psychology, The University of Queensland
Richard Kemp » School of Psychology, University of New South Wales
Joe Kim » Department of Psychology, McMaster University
Jason Lodge » Science of Learning Research Centre, University of Melbourne
Brian Lovell » School of ITEE, The University of Queensland
Kristy Martire » School of Psychology, University of New South Wales
Duncan McCarthy » Forensic Services Branch, Queensland Police Service
Geoff Norman » Department of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics, McMaster University
John Pearce » School of Psychology, Cardiff University
Judith Reinhard » The Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland
Branka Spehar » School of Psychology, University of New South Wales
John Vokey » Department of Psychology, University of Lethbridge
David White » School of Psychology, University of New South Wales

Honours Students


Emma Driml » Examining the perceptual nature of artistic expertise
Jessica Marris » The role of within and between category instances in training visual expertise
Cameron McMahon » Visual category learning: Sequencing and processing effects
Freya Young » Investigating the influence of inversion in fingerprint identification


Jessica Baird » Investigating the nature of fingerprint expertise
Charles Driver » Memory for choices
Hannah Haysom » Exploration of the effects of disfluency on learning outcomes
Ruben Laukkonen » Pupil dilation as a physiological indicator of perceptual expertise
Rachel Searston » Guilty by association: An investigation of bias in fingerprint identification


Elise Jones » The biasing effect of search strategy
Jane Sexton » Proficiency tests in forensic science: A step towards identifying expertise
Billy Sung » The flashed face distortion effect
Cindy Arnita Theresiana » Associative learning under a low level of contingency awareness and its implication in brand-image formation
Alice Towler » Charts and fingerprints: A match made in court
Elizabeth Whitehouse » An investigation into disfluency effects: Depth of learning and affective outcomes


Sean Murphy » Recognising faces with low levels of information
Jacqueline Seah » The effect of context on brand choice


Merryn Constable » Simplifying Learning: Bridging the gap between expression and comprehension
Kathleen Ivison » The underlying processes involved in fingerprint identification
Bridie James » Forming attitudes under a low level of awareness
Renée Treloar » Lineup and be counted: The role of memory and presentation mode in the perception and judgement of fingerprints
Katherine Woodward » Investigating cheaters using a change detection task


Phillip Gee » The perception of fingerprints: Style over specifics?
Carly Seymour » The preliminary psychophysics of shoeprint identification
Wen Wu » Visual discrimination on the basis of style: Evaluation of low-levels of awareness in human discrimination


Stephanie Goodhew » Judgements of style: People, pigeons, and Picasso
David Miles » A flexible interpretation of events: The effects of outliers, expectancy and causal model on human contingency judgements
Roxana Pearson » When more causes less: An examination of people’s intuitive judgements of negative continuous relationships
Stephen Rollings » Similar causes, similar effects: How causal judgements are influenced by similarity

Research Experience Students


Luke French » The campus catalogue: An image bank of the world’s top 100 universities